I have known Darren for over 20 years, and have used him for a number of situations. He helped me in my personal injury case when another car T-boned me and nearly killed me. He got me a just settlement and helped take care of all my medical expenses (at a fraction of the original billed cost).

He helped me in a litigation situation as well, and was able to negotiate a fair compromise that ended up having the incident 100% expunged from my record.

He has also helped me in a number of traffic incidents, each time securing me a probation before judgement and avoiding any points.

Darren is a great lawyer and negotiator. He works tirelessly for his clients and always with their best interests in mind. He also is sure to give you the "straight" answer, whether it's good or bad and advise you accordingly. He won't blow smoke or sugar coat it. You need that in an effective attorney.

John, Pikesville, MD

Great All Around Lawyer

Mr Margolis was excellent on our case. Reasonable cost for the amount of expertise and results that we achieved. Strongly Recommend.

Joseph, Pikesville, MD

Excellent Service and Results

Darren represented me in a Personal Injury Case, where I lost Partial Usage of my Right Arm. Not only did his Diligence and Professional Excellence obtain a Settlement, but a Settlement way above any expectations I even could imagine. He allowed me to get on my feet, and be able to get on with my Life. At all times did he keep me informed and aware of my options. I have never had this kind of service in prior Legal dealings. I Highly recommend him for his Outstanding Service.

Donald, Pikesville, MD

Outstanding Legal Professional

Mr. Margolis has represented me on numerous cases over the years, everything from traffic tickets to lawsuits I've had to file against other people. He has alway been extremely professional and very diligent with each case. Mr. Margolis is very accessible and always returns phone calls promptly. I respect his professionalism and will continue to use his services.

Justin, Pikesville, MD

Mr. Margolis Very professional and effective

Darren Margolis is a fantastic attorney. I used his services in a very important case of mine and was extremely satisfied with the results.

Darren was always quick to respond, quick to act and was even reasonable when I didn't want to be. He was strong enough as a professional to let me know when it was appropriate to act on things and not.

I would HIGHLY suggest Darren if you want someone who will follow through on the work you need done.

Michael, Pikesville, MD

Darren is a TRUE Professional